We are currently working on a place for everyone to come together and work on projects together. Once completed we will meet every Wednesday starting at 5:00 PM till as late as people want to stay. Would love to have you come and play.

September  – The month of cracking

Password Cracking Rigs 101

  • How to build a rig using nVidia GPU’s
  • How to build a rig using AMD GPU’s

Password Cracking Rigs 201

  • John the Ripper and Parallella boards

Password Cracking Rigs 301

  • Password Cracking rigs and Hashtopus

One Commentto Projects

  1. Hey – I met with David Howe a couple weeks ago in San Diego at my business and he recommended I check out the site. Too funny, 3 of your linked news sites are in my top 6 / 7 of checking ever day. Do you take user submissions for suggestions on what to hack next?

    Best wishes – Tom Polsdorf
    IT Manager
    Edgewave Inc.

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